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usb flash drives are made by hand the best masters and designers from art studio mj.
Elite models of flash drives available and only a limited edition of luxurious materials.
All the
usb stick of a series of luxurious mj private edition, produced in a single copy.
Perhaps the production of devices designed for individual
vip orders.

golden flash
drives - device made from precious metals gold, platinum, palladium and silver
swarovski flash drives - usb stick inlaid with original austrian crystals swarovski strass
fur flash drives - usb device of fur hand-made: sable, mink, fox, blue fox, llama, pony...
d flash drives - studded with precious stones: rubies, emeralds, sapphires, brilliants...
wooden stick - the case of
karelian birch, pinkwood, mahogany red and black african wood
leather usb drives - pc stick made from exotic genuine skin: crocodile, python, lizard, ostrich...
the biggest stick in the world - the memory is from
128mb to 512 gigabytes & 1 terabytes.
the fastest flash drives -
computer stick, based on super-fast memory and standard usb 2.0 and 3.0

Unique USB Flash Drive Romantic Edition. from 2 to 128gb by MJ
Customize Stick Made of Exotic Red Wood and Pure Gold 24k
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Customize Fur Stick USB Flash Drives 1-256gb by MJ
usb 3.0 stick made of genuine fur tail - mink, sable, silver fox, llama, pony, wolf, tiger etc.

Exclusive Stone USB Flash Drives Customize Edition by MJ
marble, granite, turquoise, malachite, amethyst, beryl, alexandrite, jasper, amber,
tourmaline, noble opal, crystal, moonstone, topaz, agate, quartz, aventurine, beryl, tiger's eye,
aquamarine, head Moor, chariot, pearl, onyx, garnet, colored sapphires
catalog exclusive products made of natural stone -

Customize Swarovski Flash Drives Handmade Edition by MJ
Inlaid Any Color and Size Crystal Swarovski
catalog swarovski products by MJ-

Handmade USB Flash Drives made of Wood, Bone and Exclusive 2 Metal Ring (Gold and Platinum) by MJ
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Exclusive Heart USB Flash Drive Precious Materials Edition by MJ
Customize USB Flash Drive Made of Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Exotic Leather, Wood, Diamonds, Gems etc.
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Exclusive Customize KeyRing USB Flash Drive Exotic Leather by MJ
Handmade USB Stick Made of Precious Metals, Genuine Leather - Caiman, Ostrich, Eel, Cobra, Alligator, Karung etc.
luxury trinkets - and vip flash drives -

Single Copy USB Flash Drive Golden Alligator Edition Ultra Speed by MJ

Ivory USB Flash Drive Customize Edition by MJ
Customize Items Made of Natural Bone claws, fangs and tusks: the elephant, mammoth, sperm bone,
sperm whale tooth, elk horn, tiger and lion's canine teeth, claws puma and jaguar etc.
Luxury Products Handcrafted of Genuine Bone -

Luxury Set of Python Leather Mouse and USB Flash Drives Handmade Edition by MJ
look as catalog vip mouse customize edition - and v.i.p. flash drives

Unique Style USB Flash Drive Fish Edition by MJ
Made of Precious and Rarest Materials

Carbon Flash Drives Made of Gold, Carbon, Platinum and Diamonds, from 1 to 16gb by MJ

USB Drives Keyring Customize Edition Made of Any Types of Elite Stingray Leather, from 1 to 512gb by MJ

MJ Customize USB Flash Drives Limited Edition for Corporate Order
Jewelry USB Flash Drive Made of Gold and Diamonds and KeyRing USB flash Drive Made of Silver and Leather
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MJ Flash Drive Exotic Gold - Ostrich Leather, Claw, Gold, Diamonds 1 - 64gb

MJ Unique G-Stile Flash Drive Made of Precious White Metal and Stingray and Crocodile Leather
For Individual Order Made of Genuine Leather Any Color and Style

MJ Customize G-Style Platinum XL USB Stick from 16gb to 1tb
Made of Platinum, White Gold, Grey Gold, Palladium, Titan, Steel, Bullat and Any Type of Exotic Leather

MJ Customize Gold G-Style USB Stick from 8 to 128gb
Made of Gold 585 (14k), 750 (18k), 999 (24k) and New 777 & 888 Platinum Gold
Encrusted and Decorated Genuine Exotic Leather, Precious Wood, Gems and Crystallized Swarovski

Customize G-Style USB Stick from 4 to 256gb by MJ
Made of Yellow and White Gold, Titan, Steel, Carbon, Wood, Exotic Leather,
Mother of Pearl, Ammolite, Jet, Amber, Fossil Wood, Fossil Bone, Fossil Stone etc.

MJ Handmade USB Flash Drives Keyring Edition Made of Exotic Leather & Fur:
Crocodile, Gavial, Alligator, Caiman, Iguana, Monitor Lizard, Ostrich, Sea Eel, Shark, Sea Snake,
Python, Anaconda, Viper, Boa, Karung, Hippo, Elephant, Deer, Buffalo, Calf, Kangaroo, Cobra,
Stingray, Frog, Toad, Fish, Sheep, Wolf, Puma, Tiger, Cheetah, Lion, Polar Fox, Ernie, Sable, Mink etc.
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Exclusive Handmade USB Flash Drives Made of Genuine Leather, Wood, Gold, Silver, Diamonds etc.
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